Friday, February 20, 2009

February Blues.....

So now I know why I don't blog all the time, I have such a hard time trying to link things, get frustrated, loose anything that I've written, urgghh!!!

Ok, lets try this again. I'm trying to tell you about the sweater that I knit for my sister-in-law, Martha. The pattern is "Cosima" by Berroco. Made with Peruvia Quick, also by Berroco. I do have to say, it turned out loverly!!! Will attempt to post a pic here. Ok, still not able to..... Now see, if you were on Ravelry you could look on my projects page and see it here. I've done some dying of sock weight yarn and even though I've not had much success on my etsy site or on yarnygoodness, I have been able to sell some at my local LYS and to my wonderful friends.

I am currently participating in a St. Patty's Day swap. My swap person live in the UK. I'm excited, as I've never had an international partner before. I've already sent her a package as a suprise, now I will try to send out the rest by the end of February.

Well, that's all for now! Have a great weekend.