Thursday, December 18, 2008

I guess I have.....

disappeared, that is. Not much going on I guess. Lots of knitting, always knitting! I recently learned how to spin on a drop spindle, so I do a little of that now. I've definately caught the spinning bug and would love to get a wheel! I have several spindles getting filled with singles, but have yet to ply any of them. I will try to get pictures when I do. Here is where I would like to get a wheel. I saw one at Rhinebeck. I didn't try it though. My DH love Vermont, so I'm gonna try to talk him into a trip this spring. Speaking of Rhinebeck (aka the sheep & wool festival) I'll leave you with a picture of me and my peeps taking a brief rest from shopping at the Fest!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No, I haven't disappeared....

Shoot-Alot! I have not writtin in so long!!!
Well, I have been doing alot of dying, sock yarn that is...... Nancy at Spin A Yarn took 3 skeins on consignment and two sold that evening!!!!
I'm also going to be selling my items on Yarny Goodness!! This was an invite and I have to say that I felt quite special to be asked.....:)
The above photos are some of my color options, the top one is "VB Knock off" and the one under it is "Fall Magic".

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Etsy Store

Hey Check out the items in my Etsy Store! New yarns coming soon!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Here is the little outfit that I made for my new nephew: Gannon! My pictures are really crappy, sorry....

I haven't seen the little bugger yet, but I have seen pics and he is too cute. Weighed in at 8.2 lbs last Thursday.

I had a very nice weekend. Some knitting accomplished. The first sock for my DH completed and second sock started.

Tah, Tah for now.

Friday, August 29, 2008

More Creations

So here are my accomplishments from last week.... I'm calling them (left) Neg-Patriot and (right) Orange Pecan. I really enjoy the process and am trying to learn how to control the color. I need to get better at color intensity. Also going to try to sell some on Etsy. In other knitting news... I finished the hat/kimono for the new nephew. I have not heard if he has made it into the world yet. It was supposed to happen yesterday.
Have a great Labor Day!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My own creations

A few weeks back I decided to try my hand at dying my own sock yarn. Here are the results:
The first thing I did was to soak the skeins in water/vinegar solution for about 4hrs. Then I got out all of the supplies that I had been collecting for such an occasion and began mixing up dyes. The first set of dyes I use were RIT. I mixed the dry dye into a jar of water/vinegar solution ( I did not use any type of measurement, just "a little here-a little there) then I put the solution into a squit bottle. I started out with the skein on the right. I first used a yellow, then red, then black. As you can see the yellow disappeared!! I think I squirted too much dye and too close together. I then wrapped it up in clear plastic wrap and stuck it in the microwave for a minute or two. I think it could have use one more ZAP but I was anxious to see results. Not bad but also not exactly what I was looking for. So, on to the second skein. The one on the left I used Wilson Cake dyes. Mixed it with the same water/vinegar solution and applied it the same way. The cakes dyes are more like a jelly and even though I thought they were mixed well, The colors came out spotty and multi-colored. For instance, the blue came out purple and blue, the green were a few different shades of green and what was supposed to be "burgandy' came out pink. Again, not bad, but not what I was looking for. By the way, the black and yellow on the left skein are the RIT dyes and I also nuked this skein a few times. I then rinsed in luke warm water and left them to dry. I like the way they look in the skeins!!!! So much so that I don't want to wind them into balls or knit them up into socks!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lots of post?

I am a bad, bad blogger........

Of the list from the last post only the short socks for me got finished. I have finished some Monkey socks for myself in a very cool, crazy colors by Koigu. I am currently working on some socks for the DH. Unfortunately the golf cap that I started for him was not really difficult but definately needed my undivided attention and well.....I just don't have it to begin with! :)

I'm also working on some Bellatrix socks in this color. I'm having knitter's ADD because I'm also working on a shawl and then a baby kimono/hat for my new nephew who has not arrived yet...

Let's see.....what else........ oh yeah! Daughter turned 18 and is off to college this weekend! Very glad for her that this part of her life has started and I think she will do well. I know she's mine but she is wonderful!

Also on the needles.. cuz, like I need a few more projects! A lace scarf .

Ok, so not any pics from me but a few links.


Friday, June 20, 2008


Yeah!! Finally a second post for the month!!! I actually thought of something I could post about but I don't have pics...:(

I'm going to call this month "Red June". Why? You ask? Well, because all the projects that I have been working on in June are red!!

finished: Socks for georg

Still on the needles: golf cap for DH
sleeveless sweater for me
short socks for me

Maybe I will get some pictures for ya over the weekend.

Friday, June 6, 2008

1 per month

I guess I'm not being a very good blogger as I'm down to one post per month!!!!!!!

Here are pics of my "Flaming the Fan" socks. This is a class I took at Spin A Yarn last month.

I thought that since the pattern started at the toe, that I would learn how to knit a sock from the toe up. However, it was more a "modular" knitting class. So I feel like I got two classes out of one!! Lucky me!

Had my 39th birthday last month....... not so bad I guess. Only one more year in my thirties :(

I just don't feel like I am almost forty.

My baby girl (17) is graduating from high school tomorrow! Now that should make me feel old, but it doesn't. I'm glad she's becoming an adult. She's a wonderful girl and I enjoy watching her grow up!!

So there are my thoughts for today. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Death by socks.....

My death came at 10am assassin: Tricia (aka: Zemy)

She enclosed a beautiful "In deep sympathy" card and my death could not have been a nicer experience.. Thank you Zemy!!!

Yes, I participated in sock wars! I have no pic to show you of my weapon as it is on it's way to Zemy. I am very sorry to say that I had a difficult time with the pattern and did not enjoy the knitting as much as I had hoped. However, I am glad to have participated and will probably try it again next time!!

I really have much to show you and time.
Sorry this pic is so little.....I could not fix it

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I don't know why....

I haven't posted in so long!!! I guess I've been busy here at work and taking up time by reading others blogs. And let's not forget RAVELRY!!! So here are some projects that I've been working on........The greenish/brownish socks are for my dad. They are the Gentleman's socks pattern knit on #2 needles/Fortissima sock yarn. Sorry, I do not have the label with me for color.

The socks on the right, the purple-ish color, are the Lorna's Laces-Mother Lode I received from my "Sock Knitters Unite" swap partner. The pattern is Dublin Bay by Mossy Cottage.

So that's some of what I've been up to. My stash has increased IMMENSELY!!! Like, I've got a problem!!!!

Tah, Tah for now!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Got Mine!!!

Look what I got from the "Toothfairy" aka: Aimee in Ann Arbor, MI!!!!

She did a really great job. I'm so psyched about the yarn, I have a pattern picked out already!!

The treats are great too!! I got a project bag, some hand cream, Ghiradelli chocolate carmels, hot chocolate, sticky notes and a black sheep tape measure. The yarn is Shibui Knits and Lorna's Laces. Now all I need is to finish up some projects so that I can cast on with this!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Waiting for swap....

So this is the package I sent out on Tuesday to my swap partner from Sock knitters of the World unite and swap. I'm so excited now to hear when she gets it and if she likes it. I had LOTS of fun shopping for someone I don't know but loves knitting socks like I do!!! I'm also excited to be waiting for my package to come and to see who it's from!!

I've been terribly sick..........:( going to the dr's later today.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm still here......

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth! Although today I feel as if I could. I've been so sick with a cold, or sinus or whatever causes one to constantly sneeze, hack, cough and blow your nose till it's red and sore!!!

I'm also guilty of being hooked to the knitter's crack: Ralvary!!!!!!

I've joined several groups, do alot of reading but little commenting. I also read another dozen or so blogs!!

Not much new here. I've started another pair of socks. These are for my Dad, his birthday is March. I'm also hoping to help a fellow knitter with a project that she is working on that needs to be done in early March.

FO news: Back in December, I went to the Post Office to collect our mail and in the lobby was Nancy from Spin a Yarn. She was there supporting the Christmas postage and had a contest going. I WON!! So, what did I win? Well, I won a skein of "Comfort" by Berroco, a pair of size 8/16" circs, her "Cozy Cap" pattern book and some Spin a Yarn sticky notes. Last week I was in between projects so I decided to start a beaded hat, using my winnings, for the Cozy Cap project. I finished it but haven't dropped it off yet.

Well, that's it for today folks!
Tah, Tah, for now.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christmas gifts

So, I don't think I have mentioned yet the great gifts my wonderful, DH gave me for Christmas. I had asked for Gift Certificates to spend at The Loopy Ewe and for Blue Moon Fiber Arts. He was not sold on the idea of just wrapping up gc's, he wanted me to open "gifts"! So he bought me this beautiful wooden box, inside the box was a purple silk scarf with Celtic crosses in gold/green and wrapped in the scarf were 4 (FOUR!) gc's!!! 1.) for The Loopy Ewe 2.) for LYS: Spin a Yarn 3.) for our local Mall and 4.) for a Massage.... DH said that the cut outs in the box reminded him of the flowers in Hex signs, something else that I love.
He also gave me an Umbrella Swift. I had a very nice Christmas.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Almost finished.....

So here is a pic of the first sock (that is just a few rows from done) of the Artwalk 'Toreador" colorway done in Tidal Wave pattern.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :^)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy 2008!

Hey!!!! Sorry I have not posted in such a long time!! So glad to have the holidays over but pretty bummed that vacation is also done.......:(

While on vacation, I knit on a sock with yarn from Artwalk Club. OF COURSE I did not do a guage swatch as I have knit plenty of socks and "think" I know what I'm doing!! So I got the leg, heel and 1/2 of foot done before I decided that it did seem pretty small and maybe I should try it on.................yep, should have done a guage swatch!! So the whole thing went back to stash!!

I then started a sweater that has been in the stash since almost the beginning........back and two fronts done, part of sleeve...............yep, got kinda of bored and had a sock jones!!

So I am now working on firsts of two pairs!! One yarn from Artwalk Club, the other Claudia handpainted in "Bootcamp". Both really great projects to be working on. Although, I might have to put them down for a while to work on Birthday socks for the nephew. Who, by the way will be shipping out to sea in a couple of weeks due to a new job as a merchant marine!!

Tah, Tah for now!!